Devin Sherman

guitar studio

Bedford, PA


Making music requires a wonderful coordination of emotion, mind, and body. Well-designed practice can lead musicians at every stage of development to higher levels of proficiency. My lessons help students focus their efforts where it matters.


Music is a diverse art form which provides many opportunities to gain new skills and sensibilities. Benefits of music study include:

- Playing music for friends, family, and the public

- Jamming with other musicians

- Enhanced self-expression

- Stronger concentration

- Advanced coordination

- Greater self-discipline

Music Study

I've been playing guitar since 1998. In addition to extensive solo guitar performing, I've played in rock bands, classical guitar ensembles, chamber music groups, worship bands, orchestras, wind bands, and even a mandolin quintet. I've taught guitar for large community music schools, after-school programs, music stores, and universities. Now I'm focusing my experience here in my guitar studio.